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Founded on 05/05/05, has been the premier raiding guild on Bloodhoof-US. We moved to Thrall-US in late 2015 and will continue to raid as .

We are currently recruiting players for mythic raiding in Legion (we ended Hellfire Citadel at 13/13M, 10/13M by February, 2016).

For Legion, we are returning to a hardcore mindset with the goal of top 100 US. With this in mind, all raiders are expected to:
  • Progress their main character as far as possible outside of raids
  • Play at least one alt with sufficient artifact power and gear for split raids and mythic+ dungeons
  • Come prepared to raids with a good understanding of the role of their class
  • Research gear and talent builds
  • Maintain a serious, competitive attitude
  • Put in 100% effort during each raid
We take raiding seriously and strive to be as efficient as possible with our time. At the same time, we are a colorful group of personalities with a family dynamic. If you are interested in joining, we encourage you to apply by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

End of Cataclysm Guild Video: https://vimeo.com/48861424

History of Achievements:
  • Glory of the Raider, Ulduar, Icecrown, Cataclysm, Firelands, Dragon Soul
  • Realm First Conqueror of Naxxramas
  • Realm First Magic Seeker
  • Realm First Death's Demise
  • Realm First Heroic Halion
  • Realm First Blackwing's Bane
  • Realm First Of the Four Winds
  • Realm First Dragonslayers
  • Realm First Firelords
  • Realm First Saviors of Azeroth
  • Realm First Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer
  • Realm First Heroic Sha of Fear

    Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday starting at 8:00pm EST until midnight. We expect 75% raid attendance. The more you're here, the better.

    Loot Rules: Loot Council (Priority given based on performance, attendance, and magnitude of upgrade)

    Raid Atmosphere: We all work together to move through content as quickly as possible. We encourage all members to actively use our raid forums to discuss strategies and make sure everyone is on the same page before we start the raid night. We expect you to have basic raid awareness, maximizing your DPS in a hectic moving environment and avoiding death at all costs.

    Guild Atmosphere: We have a number of very colorful personalities in the guild. If you're not easily offended by crude humor or foul language, you'll get along just fine with us! In addition to our main roster, our guild has many other members, including retired raiders and socials (friends and family of raiding members). No matter the time of day, there are usually several people online. We've dominated Bloodhoof for several years and we recently celebrated our elevent anniversary. In addition, many of us play games together outside of WoW when we're not raiding.

    Application Process: Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an in-game message or e-mail with the next steps.

    Some tips for applications:
  • Be HONEST with us and with yourself. Don't get into a situation where you are in over your head. The application process is meant to determine if you are a good fit for us AND if we are a good fit for you. We will be straightforward with you and expect the same in return.
  • Be confident, not arrogant. We don't care how good you are if you have a bad attitude.
  • Use correct spelling and punctuation. We expect at least a working knowledge of English, whether or not it is your first language.
  • References are a huge plus, especially from your former raid leaders or officers. We will attempt to contact any references you list.
  • Answer every question and put some thought into your answers. We review a lot of apps each week, so if you don't put very much effort into writing your app, we won't put very much effort into reviewing it.
  • World of Logs rankings are very valuable. If your raid's logs are public, we will track them down. If you want to link them in your app, that is great too.
  • If you are doing something out of the "norm" with your spec, glyphs, enchants, etc., please note it and take some time to explain why you think it's better.
  • If we like your application, we will contact you within 48 hours to set up an interview on Ventrilo. In the interview, we will be trying to get a feel for your personality to see if we think you would fit in well with our guild. We will also take that time to answer any questions or concerns you have about our guild.
  • Following your interview, we will contact you generally within 24 hours with our decision.

    If everything from this wall of text interests you, and you feel you'd be a good fit for our guild, APPLY at our website below.

    Website: http://www.dark-pact-gaming.com/index.php

    GM/Officer Contacts: Grizlee, Nytetia, Trolla
    Recruitment Contact: Grizlee (Real ID: Grizlee#1190)
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